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It’s launch time for Heroes in Training, a brand-new Greek mythology-based series for ages 6 – 10 by Goddess Girls authors Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams.  

We're celebrating the release of the first book in our second series together: Heroes in Training #1: Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom with interviews, guest blogger reviews, and book giveaways beginning August 7. We hope you’ll drop by to help celebrate, join the fun, meet some of our favorite bloggers, plus maybe win a book along the way!

About the series:
After pulling a magical thunderbolt from a stone, ten-year-old Zeus goes on the adventure of a lifetime in this thrilling start to a brand-new series! The terrible Titans--merciless giants who enjoy snacking on humans--have dominated the earth and put the world into chaos. But their rule is about to be put to the test as a group of young Olympians discover their powers and prepare to righteously rule the universe....
by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams (Aladdin paperbacks) Ages 6 – up.

“Readers will gobble this down and look for more, make no mythtake.”
                                              –Kirkus Reviews  May 15, 2012

Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom (Aug. 7, 2012) ISBN: 978-1442454170
Life on the Greek Island of Crete is megaboring for ten-year-old Zeus. Except for the stormy days when sizzling lightning blots chase him around. He’s been zapped dozens of times! He’d like to escape those pesky electric shocks. And he also longs for adventure.
Zeus gets his wish--and more than he bargained for--when he’s kidnapped by three half-giants—henchmen of the evil King Cronus. After braving a terrifying ship ride, constant threats of becoming snack food, and some oversized, boy-pecking birds, Zeus finds himself in a showdown with an entire army of half-giants. He grabs the first thing he sees to defend himself from a nearby stone—which turns out to be a thunderbolt with a mind of its own! With the help of the annoying Bolt and a talking stone amulet, young Zeus sets off on the adventure of a lifetime: a journey to find his destiny as King of the Gods.

Coming next! Poseidon and the Sea of Fury (Heroes in Training Book #2 Dec. 4, 2012) ISBN: 978-1442452657
The merciless Cronus and his Titan buddies are in hot pursuit of Zeus, Hera, and Poseidon, who plan to travel across the treacherous boiling sea in order to save a fellow Olympian. They have a boat, but they also have a problem: Poseidon can’t swim and is terrified of the water (well, really of the creatures that lurk in its depths). The group faces danger after danger as they battle singing sirens, a fishy and ferocious Titan named Oceanus, and people-eating monsters sent by Cronus himself. Can Poseidon overcome his fears and help his fellow heroes escape Cronus and his cronies?

Two more Heroes in Training books will follow!

Heroes in Training Blog Tour Line-up:
(Note that most giveaways will run for at least two weeks. We’ll add exact links to take you to the posts once those posts are up on each blogger’s site.)

Monday, August 6: TheWrite Path (Review and book and bookmark giveaway)
Tuesday, August 7Children’s BookReviews (Book giveaway)
Thursday, August 9: Cynsations  (Guest blog and book giveaway) Learn how the series came about, how we found our series “hook,” and tips for writers on drafting a series proposal.
Friday, August 10: I Am a Reader, Not a Writer (Book and bookmark giveaway)

Tuesday, August 14: In the Hammock (Review; Book and bookmark giveaway)
Wednesday, August 15: Mundie Kids Book Reviews (Review, Book and bookmark giveaway)
Thursday, August 16: A Girl, Books and Other Things (Book and bookmark giveaway, Character this 'n that)
Date TBD: Zoe's Book Reviews (Character this 'n that)
Wednesday August 29 - Sept. 30 Smack Dab in the Middle (giveaway--leave comment on this post to enter. Include a contact email. USA only.)

We look forward to seeing you!   --Suzanne and Joan



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