Thursday, March 10, 2011

NEW Goddess Girls: Athena the Wise crafts

Goddess Girls #5: Athena the Wise will be in stores in early April!

Joan and Suzanne are busy making these GoddessGirls bead necklaces on stretchy colorful cord. They can be shortened into bracelets. We bought the cord and beads at Michaels. We've heard from girls making Goddess Girls Shrinky Dinks, too. If you make any Goddess Girls jewelry, crafts, art, or other awesome goddessy stuff, you can send us a photo (if your parents say it's okay) and we'll post it on our blogs and FaceBook Goddess Girls page!

We'll be giving these necklace/bracelets away along with some other goodies to celebrate Athena the Wise soon, so check back in the coming weeks!

Wondering what ATHENA THE WISE is about? Here's the inside story:

Athena isn’t the only new kid at Mount Olympus Academy. When a mortal boy named Heracles transfers in, she knows what he’s going through. She started at MOA just a few months ago! Not only does Heracles need help fitting in, he also has to complete twelve “labors” or he’ll be kicked out of the academy. When her dad, Principal Zeus, asks her to secretly watch out for the new boy, Athena winds ups capturing mythical beasts and shoveling poop. It will take all of her famed wisdom to sort out her own problems and help Heracles succeed!

“…a clever take on Greek deities…” ~ Booklist

“…an enchanting mythological world with middle-school woes compounded by life as a deity…” ~ School Library Journal

Series scoop:
Join the class at Mount Olympus Academy with
Goddess Girls, a new series that puts a modern spin on classic Greek myths!

Aladdin paperbacks, ages 8 ~ 12.
Athena the Brain Finding out she’s a goddess and being sent to Mount Olympus brings Athena new friends, a weird dad, and the meanest girl in mythology—Medusa!
Persephone the Phony  Hiding her feelings works fine for Persephone until she meets a guy she can be herself with—Hades, the bad-boy of the Underworld
Aphrodite the Beauty Sure Aphrodite is beautiful, but it’s not always easy being the goddessgirl of love.
NEW: Artemis the Brave She may be the goddess of the hunt, but that doesn’t mean Artemis always feels brave.

NEW in April: Athena the Wise Zeus says Heracles has to do twelve tasks or he'll get kicked out of MOA! Although she's not sure it's wise, Athena agrees to help out. (April 5, 2011)

Aphrodite the Diva Isis claims she's the goddess of love? Ha! But to keep the title all to herself, Aphrodite has to find the perfect match for Pygmalion, the most annoying boy ever. (August 2011)

Two more Goddess Girls books to come!

Be sure to 'follow' because we'll be adding more giveaways for Goddess Girls #5 Athena the Wise; and #6 Aphrodite the Diva. We look forward to seeing you. xox

~ Joan and Suzanne

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