Saturday, March 12, 2011

Letters from Two Moms

Goddess Girls co-author Joan Holub and I received both of the emails below--from two different moms--just this week. These are the kinds of letters that warm children's authors' hearts and add to the joy we find in writing:

Dear Ms. Williams:
My daughter who is in the fifth grade hates to read. She is very good at it, but she would never read for fun. This saddened me a lot since I love reading. I would always buy her books hoping that she would like one of them. I recently bought her the first book in the goddess girl series, and she loved it. For the first time she found a book that she couldn’t put down. I actually had to tell her to put the book down to eat, something I never thought I would ever have to do. She finished the book in one day. I have now promised her I would buy her every single goddess girl book.
Thank you very much for writing such a wonderful book.

I just wanted to say Thank You!!! My daughter is 10 and up to now has hated, and yes I mean hated to read but she had another book report due next week and we finished the Goddess Girl Persehone book last night and she loved it!!   She wants me to go buy her the rest of the Goddess books, and I have never seen her this excited about reading, it really brought tears to my eyes!!!  So thank you, thank you so much, it was just the perfect mix of fun and boys that I think she was looking for, and it was easy reading.  I can't wait to go buy the rest of them for her.
Happy mom! 


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Thank you for sharing the letters, that's so exciting and heartwarming to read!

I can't wait to read Athena the Wise!

Suzanne Williams said...

Thanks, Carrie. Heartwarming, indeed!