Friday, November 5, 2010

Emails From My Two Favorite Goddess Girls Fans

Fan letters are so much fun! Lately, I've been exchanging emails with two sisters who are fans of Joan Holub's and my Goddess Girls series and who adore Greek mythology. To protect their identity, I've left their names off their emails. Here are excerpts from our recent correspondence:

Letter #1:

My sister is a big fan of your Goddess Girl series! She is in love with the series and cannot wait for Artemis the Brave to come out! Artemis is her favorite goddess of the fifteen (or twelve depending on the myth) Greek Olympian gods. My sister does have a few questions about the series. Here are three:
1. How many total classes are there available at Mount Olympus Academy?
2. What is Artemis's favorite food to eat in the cafeteria?
3. Who's your favorite Goddess Girl?

Reply to Letter #1:

Joan and I are so glad you like our Goddess Girls series! We are busily writing Books 5 & 6 now: ATHENA THE WISE and APHRODITE THE ??? (We don't quite have the title nailed down on that one yet!) You asked some tough questions, but on further thought, Joan and I have decided there are 21 classes at MOA. Artemis's favorite food is nectaroni and cheese. My favorite GG is Athena.

ARTEMIS THE BRAVE is out in December. Hope you enjoy it!



P.S. We think it was very sweet of you to help your sister write to us!

Letter #2:
Thank you so much for e-mailing us back !!!!!At my house, we play Mount Olympus Academy sometimes. One of my favorite foods is macaroni and cheese, just like Artemis! When I play MOA my classes are Craft-ology,Beast-ology,and Hero-ology.We didn't know who taught Craft-ology so we made up a teacher,Ms.Sphinx , like the monster from the myth Opedious.By the way,Ms.Hydra is one cranky lady or,should I say monster.I totally love your books and please write back to me some more.
[The younger sister]
Dear Ms.Suzanne,
Thank you for emailing back! It was very nice of you! [My sister's] face lit up like a marshmallow that's been over the fire too long when I showed her the email! In my English class, I am reading Greek Mythology, so it's really cool to read the ways you recreate them in your stories. Thank you again for emailing back.
[The older sister]

Reply to Letter #2:

I shared your letters with my co-author, Joan Holub, and our editor. We all loved what you both wrote. Joan and I didn't give a name to the Craft-ology teacher in Book #3. We think Ms. Sphinx would be the perfect name for her, but we may want to use that teacher name in an Egyptian god and goddess school since our goddessgirls will be vacationing in Egypt and meeting some goddesses there in Book #6.

Best, Suzanne

P.S. I attached a sneak preview of the cover design for GG #5. That's Heracles on the cover with Athena. You might know his Roman name better: Hercules.

Letter #3
Dear Ms. Suzanne,
Thank you for emailing back again! It was really nice of you. I think it's neat how the GoddessGirls will be vacationing in Egypt and meeting some Goddesses there for book six. My sister just recently got Persephone the Phony from Barnes and Noble and she squealed when she saw it. I read some of it with her and I thought it was good. I like how we got to meet Demeter in it. My sister has been making a powerpoint on Mount Olympus Academy, about the students and courses, so she got to add to that after she read the book. I took the quiz on your website, and it said that I was most like Athena, which is cool, since she's my favorite Goddess Girl. Lately, my life seems to be filled with Greek mythology. My sister is a greek mythology fanatic, I've been reading greek mythology in my English class, and my school's theatre class performed a play based on various greek myths.
[The older sister]

Reply to Letter #3:

Joan and I are thrilled to hear that the two of you are enjoying "Persephone the Phony." A powerpoint on MOA students and classes? That is SO cool! Is it just for fun, or for a school project? It's wonderful that you both love Greek mythology so much. Since working on the GG series I've learned more about Greek mythology than I ever thought possible. And when I visit museums now, I make a beeline for the Greco-Roman exhibits!



P.S. When Joan and I take our GG quiz we both come out most like Athena too!

Letter #4:
Dear Ms. Suzanne,
A while ago, my sister and I went to an Ancient Greece exhibit at the Art Museum. My mom and I didn't tell my sister about the exhibit, so when she saw all the restored statues and pottery, she gasped and kept running up to all these different ones. It was really neat. There were various vases, jars, jugs, bowls, plates in the pottery section. There was even this huge jar that was used to squish grapes to make wine! I even got to look at some drachmas. They were very neat, and they were pretty impressive for coins thousands of years ago. (I don't know how advanced the coins were, but they looked very impressive to me). There were also various statues and marble boxes. A few of them were cremation jars and such. When I first looked at one of the labels, which said chamber pot, I thought it was the Ancient Greek alternative to plumbing, not where the ashes of cremated bodies were stored, until my Mom explained it to me. Whoops. There were some busts of members of various Ancient Greek families. A few statues were of the gods and greek mythology, like Eros and Psyche. My favorite statue was this marble one of Athena in full body armor. What was really neat about that one was there wasn't a lot of the statue that was restored, just like the nose and some little areas, even though it was pretty tallish. Then we went to the gift shop, where my sister purchased a few different replicas of Ancient Roman coins, which she now obsesses over. For Halloween, she even dressed up as Artemis.
Sincerely, [The older sister]
I made my powerpoint for fun and I made a bust of Athena,except her eyeball is falling out.Oops.When I finish my powerpoint I will e-mail you the thingie.
Bye, [The younger sister]

Reply to Letter #4:

Ha-ha about the "chamber pot." It's a natural enough mistake, though. How cool that you saw a statue of Athena in full body armor. Joan and I have a scene in Book #5 where Athena dresses in her armor before she goes to help Heracles with one of his "Twelve Labors." I'd love to see the powerpoint "thingie," and I'd also love to see a pic of your sister in her Artemis Halloween costume if you have one and it's okay for you to send it.

Joan and I are hard at work on Book #6 now. It was due November 1st, but our editor gave us till the 15th to finish it because we're a wee bit behind schedule.




Jolene Hueber said...

I think this is totally adorable. I just love that the girls "play MOA" at their house. Oh sweet! I want to join their craft-ology class!

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