Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Playing Hooky"

Do you ever get so caught up in your daily routines that you neglect to take time off to do something just for fun? I do. "Playing hooky" is something I need to do more often, rather than less. A half-day a week would be ideal, but even a half-day every other week would be an improvement. Today I did something I've been wanting to do for a while: my husband and I drove up to the Seattle Art Museum to see the Picasso exhibit from the Musee National Picasso in Paris. Afterward we had lunch in the International District at Home Style Hong Kong Cafe. When we returned home, I took a relaxing half-hour nap. Then, feeling refreshed, I worked until dinner. True, I didn't get as much writing done as I normally might, but oh, it was worth it!


TheWriteChris said...

Looking for other blogs is a form of playing hooky for me. I just don't want to write right now; so I am checking out what other people are writing. Hope you enjoyed the Picasso exhibit. I do love his work. When my husband and I go to museums we make up our own titles for the art and it gives us a laugh. This one I would call "How dare you say I am two faced!"

I am a children's writer. I am reading, Yes! You can Learn How to Write Children's Books, Get Them Published and Build a Successful Writing Career by Nancy Sanders. Though it is written for children's writers, it can apply to all writers. I will blog my reaction and results. If you would like to hear about the results in action, here is where you can read more... http://TheWriteChris.blogspot.com

Jolene Hueber said...

A writer can not write about life if they fail to live it, right? I also love art exhibits. I stood out in the snow while I waited for President Clinton to see the Picasso exhibit when it toured DC over ten years ago. He only took thirty minutes to look at the paintings, but I was already waiting in the snow for three hours because it was the last day and apparently the exhibit had to make us wait to open for the president. I remember spending two hours just on the exhibit, nothing like the originals... absolutely fascinating. Worth the worth.

Suzanne Williams said...

WriteChris: I read Nancy Sanders book, too, and thought she had some interesting ideas.

Jolene: You must really be an art lover to have been willing to wait in the snow for three hours. I don't know that I would have have such patience and fortitude!