Monday, September 6, 2010

Most Important Tasks (MITs)

I love a good self-help book, so several weeks ago I read a book my son recommended called The Power of Less by Leo Babauta. (The author has a website, too.) I picked up a few useful tips for being more efficient and effective with my time and was reminded of things I know are good practices (like only checking email a couple of times a day), but that I sometimes fall out of the habit of doing.

My favorite tip: The setting of daily MITs (Most Important Tasks). The author recommends limiting these to three per day, and linking them to your work and also to new habits you want to create. (But he suggests you only work on changing one habit at a time.) This is a great practice. I usually only include one MIT that takes several hours to complete (my daily writing goal). The other two MITs are tasks I can complete in 10 - 20 minutes.

What practices do you find useful for keeping yourself on track with your writing or other goals?

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Jolene Hueber said...

I like that idea of having writing goals every day. If I didn't have little children that were my priority over writing, I would definately create some goals like you suggest. But, as it goes, it is incredibly hard to devote an alloted amount of time each day to something that only you may ever read. So, I write when I am not stressed and have free time. Must be nice to get paid to write!