Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thumbs up for Boston; More Goddess Girls News

I must say I was mightily impressed with Boston when I visited there last week. I know that the subway system, the "T", has had its problems, but for getting into and around the city, it's fantastic. The city also has great restaurants, green spaces and parks, and lots of water. I've heard that the winters can be brutal, and the summers scorchingly hot, but my traveling partner and I lucked out. The temps were in the mid-seventies most of the time we were there, with very low humidity. People in Boston were also uniformly kind and helpful. Hooray for Boston!

While I was visiting, I got an email from Joan's and my editor at Aladdin, the lovely Emily Lawrence. She was letting us know that Scholastic Book Club is buying sub-rights to the first two books of the Goddess Girls series. Hooray! So sometime this fall Athena the Brain and Persephone the Phony will be making an appearance in those flyers sent home from schools. Now to get back to work on Books 5 and 6!

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