Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Making the Transition from Vacation Mode to Writing Mode

It's always hard for me to get back into my writing routine after a vacation. Pleading jet-lag (if there's been a time zone change) is really only a good excuse for the first few days after the return home. Then what? I did go over the first pass galleys for Goddess Girls #4 the day after my return, but only because I had a deadline to meet. (The book pubs in December.)

At least I'm sitting at my desk today. And I'm thinking of composing a new writing "to do" list. That's a start. What do you do to get yourself going again after a vacation?

Photos: Top: Holmenkollen ski jump in Oslo. The Norwegians have got to be crazy! Second: My daughter Emily and I enjoy fried herring with mustard and onion on toast from a outdoor stand in Stockholm. Yummy! Third: Martina in her bunad--traditional women's costume worn on special occasions like Constitution Day, May 17th. Bottom: Big fish market in food hall in Stockholm.

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