Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Upside of Insomnia

I occasionally suffer from the awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night variety of insomnia. I'm not one of those people who just gets out of bed and reads or works when it strikes. Instead, sad to say, I lie in bed waiting for sleep to return, which it usually does--in two or three hours. It's boring to just lie there doing nothing, however, so I've discovered I can make good use of that time by simply thinking about story ideas. If/when I do come up with an interesting idea, the trick is to remember it in the morning. So I keep a small notebook and a pen on my bedside table--just in case. Of course, sometimes those ideas that seemed so fascinating and plausible in the middle of the night, look much less so in full daylight. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soon to Be Boston Bound

I'm speaking to teachers and grad students at a summer Author Institute at Worcester State College on June 28th. Since Worcester's only about forty miles from Boston, and I'll be flying in and out of Boston's Logan airport, I thought it would be fun to tack a few extra days onto the end of my trip and do some sightseeing. My friend and writing critique group member, Sylvie Hossack, has been wanting to visit Boston for a while, so we're going to meet up after I speak, and take in the sights together. If you're reading this post and have recommendations for things to see and do and/or places to eat, please leave a comment with your suggestions!

Of course, this trip was planned before I knew that Joan Holub and I would be asked to write two more Goddess Girls books. Fortunately, the outlines for both books are off to our editor as of yesterday. Now to get cracking on the first draft of GG#5!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Goddess Girls to Come!

Just as I was contemplating what I should work on next, my agent, the wonderful Liza Pulitzer Voges, called with an offer from Aladdin for two more Goddess Girls books. Yippee! Books 3 and 4 aren't even out yet (#3: Aphrodite the Beauty pubs Aug. 3 and #4: Artemis the Brave pubs Dec. 6), but my co-author Joan Holub and I are now busily putting together ideas for Books 5 and 6. Book 5 will star Athena again, and Book 6 will be Aphrodite's to tell. And that's all I'm going to reveal for now.

BTW, I just got a new computer, a tiny little ASUS Eee netbook. I'm typing this entry on it so I can get used to the smaller screen and keyboard. It'll be great to take to conferences and on school visits--easy to travel with. When I'm working at home, I'll hook it up to a larger keyboard and monitor. Luckily, my computer expert husband is able to set everything up for me and transfer my stuff from my older computer. I don't know what I'd do without him!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Making the Transition from Vacation Mode to Writing Mode

It's always hard for me to get back into my writing routine after a vacation. Pleading jet-lag (if there's been a time zone change) is really only a good excuse for the first few days after the return home. Then what? I did go over the first pass galleys for Goddess Girls #4 the day after my return, but only because I had a deadline to meet. (The book pubs in December.)

At least I'm sitting at my desk today. And I'm thinking of composing a new writing "to do" list. That's a start. What do you do to get yourself going again after a vacation?

Photos: Top: Holmenkollen ski jump in Oslo. The Norwegians have got to be crazy! Second: My daughter Emily and I enjoy fried herring with mustard and onion on toast from a outdoor stand in Stockholm. Yummy! Third: Martina in her bunad--traditional women's costume worn on special occasions like Constitution Day, May 17th. Bottom: Big fish market in food hall in Stockholm.