Monday, March 29, 2010

South Carolina Librarians Rock!

It was great fun to speak at the SCASL 2010 conference March 25 - 26, and to spend a few days in the historic center of Charleston before the conference started. Charleston is a beautiful city, and it also has great food. (I feasted on specialties like shrimp and grits, and had my first taste of coca-cola cake. Yum!)

The conference librarians were very welcoming and kind. I enjoyed talking to many, many people, and signed lots of books. I also got to go out to dinner twice with the lovely Debbie Palmer (my own personal host) and several other librarians and speakers, including fellow author, Alane Ferguson, who writes YA mysteries and thrillers.

The conference was an organized joy, thanks to the efforts of conference officers and staff volunteers. My thanks to President, Amanda LeBlanc and President-Elect, Joe Myers for inviting me to come!


Kate Byrd/Belton Elementary School said...

Thanks so much for coming to South Carolina! I enjoyed hearing you speak. :o)

Suzanne Williams said...

Thanks, Kate! And thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you'll participate in Joan's and my blog tour April 4 - 8 and win a book!