Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Holidays: An Early Writing Effort

Last Wednesday I had a lovely Virtual Visit with a group of fifth graders and their kindergarten reading buddies in West Babylon, NY. We connected through Skype-An-Author, the brainchild of Library Media Specialist Sarah Chauncey and Author Mona Kerby. As part of our Skype visit I shared the following poem with students. It was written when I was in the fifth grade. The rhymes are a bit forced, and some of the lines don't scan very well, but can you see my love for writing even then?:


On Christmas Eve while I was in bed
I suddenly heard a loud thud and I said,
"Now what could that be, the Christmas tree?"
Well I ran to the living room and guess what I saw
Stuck there in the chimney was old Santa Claus.
Well I ran to the chimney and tugged at him hard,
But it was not use for he was as heavy as a barrel of lard.
So I slipped into my coat, my hat and all
Then tiptoed through the living room and ran down the hall.
I ran to the neighbors and when I was in sight
They exclaimed in surprise,
"What are you doing up so late in the night?"
Well I hurriedly told them and they rushed home with me
And we tugged and we tugged but were sorry to see
That poor Santa Claus was still as tight as could be.
So I rushed upstairs and brought down a rope
I thought this will get him down at least I hope.
We tied the rope around his waist
And pulled and pulled and pulled,
At last I think he loosened a very little bit
And when we pulled a little more how loose he began to get.
At last we pulled him down from the sooty chimney
My what a sooty mess he was but he didn't seem to care,
He passed to everyone a great big candy cane,
Oh, how I wish that Santa Claus will soon get stuck again!

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