Sunday, September 27, 2009

Getting from "Thinking About" to "Doing"

Recently I spent two lovely days at the Oregon coast. My mom came with me. We stayed with a friend of hers whom I've know all my life. I'd asked Lois if Mom and I could come visit because for several years I've been wanting to write a middle grade novel set in a small coastal town. Though vague ideas about the novel have been at the back of my mind for a long time, I couldn't seem to act on them.

To be fair, I've been plenty busy with series writing these last several years. But now that the writing for my current series is winding down, I decided a trip to the beach might be just the catalyst I needed to move forward. And I think it will be. During those two days, I interviewed Lois about "life in a small coastal town," and walked around town recording descriptions of sights and sounds into a small digital audio recorder. Lois also set up an interview for me with the daughter and twelve-year-old grand-daughter of a local friend of hers one evening. It was wonderful how eager everyone was to help. The information I collected during the interviews is sure to prove helpful, and I now have another motivation for getting to work on this book: the other people who know about it!

What helps you to bridge the gap between "thinking about" to "doing"?

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