Friday, July 10, 2009

Goddess Girls dedication contest: Your name in our book!

Joan Holub and I are so excited about our new chapter book series, Goddess Girls,* and want to dedicate it to you--our readers! That's ages 8 to 12 and librarians, teachers, and book bloggers!

The series begins in Spring 2010 from Aladdin Paperbacks with:
Athena The Brain
Persephone the Phony.

*To find out more about the series, click on the series title link above and scroll down to "Books in Progress."

Here's how to enter:

Take the quiz below. Send an email to me at sw at suzanne-williams dot com or to joanholub at aol dot com and tell us which goddessgirl (or two) you’re most like. Don't forget to include your name (first and last). If you're chosen, you’ll be notified via email that your name will be in one of our Goddess Girl books! And you’ll receive a free copy of the book after it’s published. Names will be randomly chosen by September 15th. Good luck!!!

~ Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

Which Goddessgirl are You?

Your favorite color is:
a. Yellow when I’m happy, black when I’m not.
b. Dark pink, light pink, hot pink, bright pink. PINK!
c. Whatever. As long as it’s not red.
d. Yegods! Why should it matter what color I wear?

Your general outlook on life is:
a. Sunny, but sometimes your mood turns dark, and that’s okay with you.
b. Viewed through the prism of romance. You love to play matchmaker with your friends!
c. Life’s a contest, and you like to compete. You’re very athletic and you also like board games.
d. Intellectual. There’s just so much to learn, and you sop up knowledge like a sponge.

When it comes to boys:
a. You go for the guy who is different and off-beat, and maybe a bit mysterious.
b. Anyone cute catches your eye; you’re an equal-opportunity flirter.
c. Yuck! Who gives a rip about boys?
d. Sure, you notice them, but you’re much too busy with schoolwork and after school activities to concern yourself with boys.

What some people don’t know about you is that deep down:
a. You “dance to a different drummer,” not always liking the same things your friends like.
b. You sometimes worry that other people—especially boys— like you more for your looks than for your other many good qualities.
c. You don’t really dislike boys as much as you claim to.
d. You worry that you’re not as smart as others think you are.

Given an hour or two of free time, you’d rather spend it:
a. Wandering around in a lovely garden or park.
b. Experimenting with make-up and hairstyles.
c. Playing with a pet or doing anything active.
d. Reading a book.

Add up the number of A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s. If you have more A’s, you’re most like Persephone, B’s, you’re most like Aphrodite, C’s, you’re most like Artemis, D’s, you’re most like Athena. Or you might be a half-and-half mix of two goddessgirls!

(Note: If you're chosen, we may ask you to have your parents send us an email that it's okay to include your name.)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Clearing the Clutter

After watching our next-door neighbor move this week, and talking to our exhausted son and daughter-in-law, who just moved to a new condo, my husband and I have vowed to tackle our accumulated clutter--again. Several years ago, we went through the whole house, room by room, and bagged and boxed tons of stuff that we either donated to charity or dumped. But somehow we've managed to fill up our bookshelves and closets and desk drawers once more. I was able to cull two bags of clothes from my closet and dresser two days ago, and today I began on my office closet.

It's a slow process, this decluttering, and in some ways not unlike writing a book. Both tasks can seem overwhelming unless broken into smaller tasks: a chapter or a few pages at a time translating to a closet or a bookshelf at a time. The progress is its own reward.