Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Quest for Coolness

While vacationing with family in Rome at the end of May it became warm enough to wear my capris. My daughter and sisters, however, were appalled at my choice of acompanying footwear--a clunky, but comfortable pair of black athletic shoes and black anklets. "You can get by with those with long pants, but not capris and shorts, " they said. "Please wear your sandals, you're embarrassing us."

So I wore my sandals and wound up with blisters on both of my little toes.

I've been home a little over a week now, and yesterday afternoon I decided to search for more "hip" footwear. First, I bought eight new pairs of socks of the type my daughter and sisters specified, low-cut, with elastic around the ankles. Then I looked for a shoe with a slimmer design that my decidedly unhip orthopedic inserts would still fit into. I found success for a modest price at my local Big Five.

"So what do you think?" I asked my husband as I modeled the result. "Am I cool now?" (Why I asked him I don't know. His sense of fashion is even worse than mine.) He shrugged. "At our age, probably the best we can hope for is to be a little less uncool," he replied.

I nodded thoughtfully. "I can accept that." Fashion coolness may always be beyond my reach, but becoming a little less uncool, is an aspiration that just might be within my grasp.


Emily said...

Wow Mom, your feet are looking a lot less uncool now! I like the shoes. And soon you'll realize you CAN have style and comfort, though it's tricky. I'm not sure about the colorful stripes around the top of your socks, but it probably just looks cute.

Oh, and for the record, people: Suzanne was wearing black capris, those clunky black shoes and WHITE socks--well, off-white, but STILL! (See how I was nice and didn't mention the fanny pack? :) )

Suzanne Williams said...

Thanks for your approval on the shoes. What's wrong with stripy and patterned socks? I'll never get this fashion thing right, I guess. Oh well.