Saturday, June 20, 2009

Home Again After a Fabulous Trip

I returned home on Tuesday after three fabulous weeks in Italy and Norway that included time spent in Rome and Florence, and an incredible road trip around southern Norway with astounding views of fjords and rocky snow-capped mountains, and a wonderful stay with the family of my daughter's boyfriend.

It was great traveling with family--my parents, two sisters, and my daughter were with me in Italy, and my husband flew out for the Norway portion of the trip. After catching up on email and clearing my desk, I'm finally getting back to work, but I have lots of photos to help me remember the good times.

Top picture: My husband Mark and I above Bergen in Norway.

Bottom picture: My daughter Emily and I in front of the Duomo in Florence, Italy.

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Leslie said...

Hi Suzanne. You know I'm ecstatic that you had such a wonderful time. Nice summing up so soon after your return. Absolutely beautiful pictures; thank you so much for sharing them! I missed you more when you were 'gone,' though we weren't much farther away, truth be told. ;)