Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Fun of Foreign Translations

I love it when a book of mine gets translated into another language. I usually get 3 - 5 complimentary copies of the translated book after the foreign edition comes out. It's fun to see my words transformed, even when I can't read the language. And since the artwork for chapter book/middle grade novels is usually redone, it's a treat to see how my characters are changed to "fit" a country's culture.

Titles are often changed too. The book covers at left are for the German and Japanese editions of the first book in my Princess Power series: The Perfectly Proper Prince. In German, the title translates approximately as The Enchanted Princesses and the Speaking Frog. I love that the dresses the princesses are wearing look like dirndls.

The Japanese series title is The Princess Club, which, coincidentally, was my original title for the series until HarperCollins decided to change it because they already had a series called The Tiara Club. (They thought Princess Club was too close in name.) The Japanese cover and interior illustrations are done in the style of anime and are very detailed. Of all three editions, including the American one, they're actually my favorite.

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Leslie said...

It's true: there is something about large eyes that draws us (pun after-intended; I'd like the credit if you please). You are so the go-getter. I look up to you like you wouldn't believe. ;)
When a book is published in foreign translations, I say, pretty much an accomplishment, as having read the originals - that's ALMOST the beginning, baby.