Monday, April 6, 2009

Making Lemonade

Today I'm making lemonade. No, not the kind you drink--the kind you make when life throws you a few lemons. I put my back out yesterday (the lemons), so I'm pretty much confined to the living room couch right now with an ice pack and ibubrofen--and my laptop. Here's my recipe for today's lemonade:

Take 1 day off. (Repeat as necessary.)
Add 2 parts sunshine. (It's a beautiful spring day and I CAN sit outside for short periods of time.)
Mix in a half-dozen overdue responses to emails and a Facebook message or two.
Sprinkle in some time to read, and journal, and blog.

Stir slowly. Enjoy!

Lemonade Days have taught me to slow down, and to appreciate the good things and people in my life even more. (Thanks for the sympathy phone call, Leslie, and for the on-line good wishes from Helen and Paula and others. Thanks to my husband Mark for fetching and carrying, and putting up with the occassional self-pitying whine.)

Lemonade Days have also taught me that adjusting my plans is not really as difficult as I might imagine. I had to miss my regular writing group meeting today, but one missed meeting is not a tragedy. The speech I was supposed to give to a UW children's writing class tomorrow can be postponed until May, thanks to instructor Brenda Guiberson's flexibility. I was looking forward to going to the SCBWI-Washington meeting Wednesday night. Besides wanting to hear the presentations, I had planned to meet up with my name-double, author Suzanne Morgan Williams, who will be visiting from Reno, Nevada. I'll have to give that a miss too, but I was still able to order her new novel, Bull Rider, so she can sign a copy for me at the meeting. Exercising at the gym and walking my dog will also have to wait.

But I plan to enjoy my Lemonade Day (or days). And before long I know I'll be back on my feet again--literally and figuratively. I wish you all the best on your Lemonade Days too!


Joan Holub said...

Suzanne, this is so cute!!! I love your fairy books and your princess books. You rock!

Suzanne Williams said...

Gosh, Joan. Thanks!