Friday, March 13, 2009

Old Family Photos

My sister Becky recently finished scanning 2000 of our parents' old slides and photos. I hadn't seen the slides in a hundred years (only a slight exaggeration). Even after my brother and sisters and I were grown up and no longer living at home, my dad still carried around in his wallet a copy of the b & w photo I've posted with this entry. (I'm the one in pigtails.) We used to tease him about that old photo, till finally one holiday when we were all together, we decided to make him a more up-to-date replacement picture. As you can see, we kept the pose the same. My sister Nancy had a little more trouble fitting on my brother Dave's lap, however.

I was always a redhead, btw. But I can see from the picture of me on my first birthday, that my hair isn't quite as red as it used to be. There's a fair number of gray and silver threads in it now that never used to be there too. That's life.

Mmm, that birthday cake looks good, doesn't it?

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