Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Dr. Seuss Day/Week

It's become something of a tradition at many schools to invite an author to speak during Dr. Suess's birthday week in March. I think anything that highlights and celebrates the fun and importance of reading and writing is a lovely tradition, and I had a great time speaking at two elementary schools last week. The students and staff at A.G. Bell in Kirkland and Panther Lake in Kent were wonderfully attentive and enthusiastic. They made me feel like "Queen for a Day." (Now if that reference doesn't date me, I don't know what else would!)

When I worked as an elementary school librarian, it was easy to get my "kid fix." But I've been writing fulltime for the past nine years. I miss teaching and interacting with children, so school visits are a treat. I enjoy all the grade levels. It was exciting to see what great ideas the third and fourth graders at Panther Lake came up with during my "Show, Don't Tell" workshops. The primary graders at both schools were adorable and had great questions. And because the intermediate students were so mature, I could share much about my writing process and the ins and outs of becoming published.

I love it when students come up to me after a presentation and tell me about the stories they are working on. When that happens I think to myself, perhaps this child could be the next Dr. Suess in the making!

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